Q: Is there any difference in price based on the floor?
A: Yes, there is an increase of Rs 25,000 per floor.

Q: When does the booking get confirmed & allotted?
A: On realization of the 20% payment of the sale value and after sale agreements are signed.

Q: When are installments to be paid and is it linked to construction stage?
A: The schedule of payment is linked to the progress of the construction & is on a Time bound basis wherein the delivery date is linked with the installment payments.

Q: Are we permitted to do any modification in the apartment?
A: The apartment design & specification have been worked very carefully. For better efficiency and timely completion, no customization/modifications will be permitted.

Q: What are the amounts to be paid in addition?
A: CHESCOM & Water charges, Maintenance charges, Khata assessment charges, Registration charges and any other charges as applicable.

Q: What is the purchaser’s responsibility towards disbursement of Housing Loans?
A: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure on the timely sanction and disbursement of installments from the financial institution as per the conditions of the sale agreement and no demand will be necessary from M/s Trendz for the same to facilitate smooth payments.

Q: Is there power backup facility?
A: yes, there is 24/7 power backup facilities for common area & lifts.